Racher, Stewart excited for basketball season

By Alison Martin

Courtesy photo Faith drives for the basket against Mountainair.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story and these photos originally ran in the Cardinal Chronicle, a monthly newsletter published by students at Corona High School. They have been minimally edited for style issues.

Jim drives for a shot. (Courtesy photo)

CORONA – Terri Racher is the varsity boys assistant coach this year. Coach Racher attended House High School and played volleyball, basketball, track, and was the head cheerleader. She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

She enjoys watching “Chopped” and being in the gym or show barn with her children. As far as her favorite food, she likes it all as long as it’s not seafood.

“I love basketball and I’m just lucky someone asked me to help,” said Racher when asked what inspired her to coach basketball. Coach Racher has also coached girl’s varsity basketball, girl’s junior high basketball, as well as varsity volleyball, and a pee wee basketball team. When asked what she found the hardest about coaching she said, “It’s knowing when to substitute in players and knowing which player to use and when to use them.” However, not all times are hard for the coaches. Some of the her favorite things about coaching is that she doesn’t have to drive herself to the games and she doesn’t have to pay.

Alison fights for the ball. (Courtesy photo)

“I learned a lot while playing sports in high school. Some of those things are respect and teamwork. You can’t win by yourself. You have to have faith in your teammates, and at the end of the day it is just a game” said Coach Racher. Some of the goals for the season is to at least make it to the first round of state tournament.

Sarah Stewart is the varsity girl’s assistant coach this year. Coach Stewart attended Corona High School and graduated in 2000. She played volleyball, basketball, track, and was a cheerleader. Stewart enjoys all types of food, watching “Golden Girls,” and hanging out with her kids.

“In high school, I was very competitive and driven,” said Coach Stewart when asked what was the most important thing she learned in her basketball career. “I learned the importance of being committed, making practice, and sportsman-ship. Also, I played with only six players, so I learned that hard work and tenacity can bring in the win.” Her goals for the season are to “help the girls learn to find their strengths and to make them work for the betterment of the team.”

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