My Spring Break

By Michael Sanchez

Courtesy photo

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting in March, I (Todd Fuqua) began teaching an after-school journalism class to students at White Mountain Elementary, with the purpose of showing them the realities of writing and publishing. This stories and photos are the results of their efforts.

Courtesy photo

My spring break kicked off with my family going to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was so amazing. My jaw dropped when I saw it for the first time. We walked around the canyon rim which was about four miles.

There was a small town near the entrance of the park. This is what my family did at the Grand Canyon.

The same night we went to Las Vegas (Nevada). We were very lucky, and the reason, you may ask, is that is we got to Las Vegas right when the sun came down.

That night when we got to our hotel and the valet service was very long. After we got to the hotel we went to the strip. We were there for about two hours. The coolest thing I saw, at least I think it was the coolest, was the Bellagio hotel fountain show.

After all the time on the strip we went to the M&M  store.

The next day we went to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was very loud. There were a lot of people there. That could also be because there was Nellis Air Force Base by the track.

Next we went to Mandalay Bay Hotel. Then my family went to Ceaser’s Palace. The next day we went to the Hoover Dam. My dad told me that if the dam broke then everything in the canyon would be destroyed.

This is how my spring break ended. I encourage others to go to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam because I loved it and I think others will like it.

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