My Colorado trip

By Camila Rodriguez, Michael Sanchez, Angel Reyna and Justin Mendez

Mountain ranges like this were visible all around Silverthorne, Colo., during Camila Rodriguez’ family vacation in April. (Photo by Claudia Gallegos)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting in March, I (Todd Fuqua) began teaching an after-school journalism class to students at White Mountain Elementary, with the purpose of showing them the realities of writing and publishing. This story and photos are the results of their efforts.

Camila Rodriguez slides down the slope during her family’s Colorado vacation in April. (Photo by Claudia Gallegos)

Each year my family and I travel to Colorado to visit my dad’s family in Silverthorne.

What I like of Colorado is that there’s a lot of snow. What I do with my family is that we go sledding; we build snowmen and have snow fights.

My dad and my uncle always go skiing. Another thing that I like of Colorado is that I like the landscapes. I like the landscapes because there’s a lot of snow and it looks very beautiful.

Every time we go we give food to the squirrels. We even went to Frisco to get Easter eggs. My mom said that she felt very happy to be with my dad’s family.

My dad said that he felt very happy to be with his family and friends. Going to Colorado is amazing!

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