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By Dannielle Crisp

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting in March, I (Todd Fuqua) began teaching an after-school journalism class to students at White Mountain Elementary, with the purpose of showing them the realities of writing and publishing. This stories and photos are the results of their efforts.

Mrs. Owens teaches her Battle of the Books class. (Courtesy photo)

This story is about my after school program. Mrs. Thurston inspired me to do good work, and to sign up for Journalism. Raymie, who is a new friend that I met in Journalism also inspired me.

Journalism is amazing! We talk, write, and the teachers encourage me to always try harder. At White Mountain Elementary School, we welcome everyone in Ruidoso, and we learn a lot!

The other Journalism teacher is Todd Fuqua. He is putting our stories in his magazine called “AIM,” Academics in Motion. I’ve been in the newspaper once, but my writing has never been in the newspaper! He has shown us about creating stories, adding pictures, and he has taught us about deadlines.

Mr. DeFord also helps us in Journalism. He has shown us pictures that he has taken, and helped us edit and typed our writing. He gives us ideas on how to make our stories better. 

Some of the other classes are Beading with Mrs. Fox and Wilson, Battle of the Books with Mrs. Owens, Art with Mrs. Dante, Conversational Spanish with Mrs. Enriquez, Crochet with Mrs. Russo, Genius Hour with Mrs. Flowers, Camp with Mrs. Lutterman and Fraction Camp with Mrs. Magana, Shapes, Designs, and Strategies with Mrs. Trujillo, and Mrs. Silva and Lopez are teaching Reading and Math tutoring.

The after school program at White Mountain Elementary gives students the opportunity to do fun stuff after a long day of work, and it gives teachers the opportunity to meet and work with other students from other classes. I am happy to be in this program!

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