Owning a dog

By Adrian Reyna

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting in March, I (Todd Fuqua) began teaching an after-school journalism class to students at White Mountain Elementary, with the purpose of showing them the realities of writing and publishing. This story is a result of their efforts.

Cleo is my dog, a Chocolate Lab. She is brown and playful. I usually play fetch with her outside and take her on walks. She spends most of her time outside but when she is inside she will usually sleep or lay down.

My dog Cleo makes me the happiest and she makes me healthy too. According to huffingtonpost.com, there are many benefits of having a dog or hanging out with one. Kristen Stuart wrote the main benefits for having a dog. I will highlight some right now.

It is good to have a dog because you can get more exercise by walking your dog, which can help you lose weight. When you get a lot of exercise with your dog or pet, you can live longer. Dogs give you a new meaning to life, and this helps you reduce stress. I am happy to have a dog in my life.

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