SVP students get a special visit

Sierra Vista Primary students put together a puzzle depicting a dinosaur scene as part of a visit to the school by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History's Wonder on Wheels program, April 6. (Courtesy photo)
Courtesy photo

First and second graders at Sierra Vista Primary got a special visit from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, April 6, thanks to the museum’s Wonder on Wheels mobile exhibits.

The WoW 38-foot RV rolled into the parking lot at SVP as part of the Natural Museum’s tour of every county in the state this year, giving students who might otherwise not be able to make the trip to Albuquerque to visit the museum in person.

Courtesy photo

More than 300 square feet of arts, culture, history and science exhibits are on display in the WoW, and museum curators also brought activites into the classrooms at SVP to give the students some hands-on learning about dinosaurs and the fossils they left behind all across New Mexico.

Museum staff Deb Novak, Chief of Education, and Kelly White, School Groups Educator, made the trip to Ruidoso to provide students with learning opportunities like sifting through sand to find fossils, examining them under magnification to identify them, and discussion about the kinds of dinosaurs that once roamed across the country.

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