Teaching kids fire safety

By Justin Mendez

A Lincoln National Forest Ranger speaks to students from White Mountain Elementary during a field trip to the Cedar Creek Ranger Station near the end of the school year in May. Students learned the basics of camping and fire safety in the forest. (Photo by Justin Mendez)

Today I’m going to tell you about my field trip with my class to Cedar Creek. When we got there the whole 4th grade was there.

As we walked in to the creek there was a whole lot of people. We were there to learn of a lot of stuff that we did not know.

There was a Smokey Bear station, there was a hiking station a campus station a tent station a fire truck station and finally they had a learn about animals station. Our fist station was the Smokey Bear station. They asked us questions and we had to give them answers to get prizes. If we get the answers wrong you would still get a prize which is still awesome.

Our next station was the tent station, where we set up a tent with some help. We put the poles in the tent and in the cover. After we set up the tent, we put the cover over the tent to protect people from the rain.

My favorite was the Smokey Bear station, where you got to get prizes. I got a bandanna, comic book, a slap bracelet a pin and a Frisbee.

We learned the importance of not playing with fire because it can destroy a whole forest or town and injure or even kill people and animals. I am glad we got to experience this and learn how dangerous wildfires can be!

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