The time of my life

By Justin Mendez

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting in March, I (Todd Fuqua) began teaching an after-school journalism class to students at White Mountain Elementary, with the purpose of showing them the realities of writing and publishing. This story is one of the results of their efforts.

I had the time of my life two weeks ago. First it kicked off when I got to go to see my sister. We went to Midland, Texas, to go see her, but this time it was not just a trip. Let me tell you about it. When we woke up at 4 in the morning we were still in Ruidoso. We had to get in the shower so we could get ready and get there early.

We went and got dog food because we would be gone for a long time. When we got to Midland we went to Toys R Us because they were going out of business.

Finally we got to see my sister.  Because we do not get to see her very often, I was really, really happy because I missed her very, very much. When we got to the hotel for dinner, we had Whataburger.

The reason why my sister is over in Midland is because she used to drink and do drugs, so that’s why she is over there in Midland, to get better. The next day we woke after sleeping and it was 7 a.m. but Midland has a time change so if it was 7 a.m. in Midland then over here in Ruidoso, it would still be 6 a.m.

So we woke from our sleep and we got in the shower and after every one was out of the shower we went to the mall and when we got to the mall we started to go looked around. When we walked inside the mall and we went to go check out the motorized animal cars but they were gone to lunch.

So my sister and I went to Chick-fil-A and my mom and dad went to the Pizza Plaza. They said it was good and we also said it was good. So we went to Starbucks and they got this fancy drink which I do not know the name of the drink. After we got done drinking our drinks we went to go check the place and they were done with lunch!!!

My trip to Midland was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

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