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By Todd Fuqua

When I was in Los Lunas last May, covering a Battle of the Books competition in which my daughter was competing, I realized I needed to write more about events and activities involving Lincoln County students that didn’t have to do with sports. Thus, my idea for this website was born.

Over the course of this 2017-18 school year, I hope to do these students justice. I, personally, never played sports in high school. I was in choir, speech, I played piano, I was in French club. I was an All-State performer in choir. I was a national semifinalists in a vocal competition, one step away from the national competition.

I know there are kids today that are like I was – maybe not athletically skilled, but still doing great things that will ultimately benefit them in the future and should be honored.

So, here it is. Academics In Motion! I’m a little anxious, not sure if this crazy endeavor will work. I’m counting a lot on parents, teachers, volunteers and sponsors of extracurricular activities to keep me in the know about what I should be writing about. There’s a ton of stuff going on in our schools – from Ruidoso to Corona, from Kindergarten to college – and stuff that isn’t in our schools that I want to write about. But I can only write about it if you let me know what’s going on.

So, call or text me at 575-937-0344. Email me at todd_fuqua@yahoo.com. I’m hungry for information, I want this website and publication to succeed. I hope you do, too.

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